Auto Rallye was founded in the year 1969, with the aim of providing specialised car repair and maintenance. We have over the years become specialised in different fields of expertise, such as tyres, suspension, clutches, exhausts, and have rapidly become one of the main distributors of the world’s most well-known brand names, such as Pirelli, Sachs, Bilstein, Koni, to name but a few.

Auto Rallye currently offers its clients a wide range of services:

· General car repair
· Suspension
· Battery
· Exhausts
· Services
· Oil changes
· Steering alignment

· Pre-MOT inspections
· Wheel balancing
· Air conditioning
· Brakes
· Clutches
· Wholesale and retail sale of spare parts and    accessories for cars.


Número de registre de Comerç i Indústria: 921007S N.R.T: A-700938-X